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     Classic face-frame cabinets feature a     hardwood frame which provides the cabinet it’s strength and a more traditional look.  This type of cabinet is more commonly found in traditional kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Mueller Woodworks employs a technique known in the cabinet industry as ‘blind nailing’.  The advantages of this     system include far fewer nail holes in the face of the cabinet and dramatically increased cabinet strength. 

Traditional Face-Frame Cabinetry

European ‘Frameless’ Cabinetry

     European, or frameless cabinetry differs from traditional cabinetry in several ways.  As the name implies, this type of cabinet does not receive a face-frame.  Instead, strength is achieved through specialized hardware and an integral back panel.  By eliminating the need for a hardwood face-frame,  frameless cabinets are not limited to colors available only in nature.  A wide variety of colors, both flat and textured, become available.  Frameless cabinets are more commonly found in modern style kitchens and commercial offices.

     Every customer has different needs and preferences when it comes to cabinetry.  Mueller Woodworks offers many different styles and options to suite those needs.    Although each cabinet is unique,  the basic construction type can be divided into two categories - Traditional face-frame design, or European frameless design.  Which design is right for the job depends largely on personal preference.